Amniotic Stem Cell Scam in Atlanta

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Amniotic Stem Cell Scam in Atlanta

Beware: Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell Therapy is Not Real

Stem cell injections for joint pain have changed the way that we treat those with chronic musculoskeletal pain. Ethically derived stem cells correctly placed in the tissues of your body have the potential to create new, healthy cells that build on your missing joints and cartilage, reduce pain, and make it easier for you to move freely.

It was not long ago that stem cells were extremely controversial, especially because they were often harvested from fetuses. Today, it is possible to acquire stem cells from far less ethically questionable means. At OrthoStemCellAtlanta, we primarily use stem cells harvested safely from your own body. These provide one of the most effective, natural ways to build upon your own cells.

Hawking Snake Oil: The Growth of “Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy”

Although stem cells derived from your own body are effective at treating many chronic pain conditions, the allure of “new” stem cells has never really left the conscious of the American public. Unfortunately, that has opened the door for many companies and individuals to try to sell tempting stem cell products that sound like they should be effective.

That is the case with “Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy.” Amniotic fluid is the fluid produced inside of the amniotic sac surrounding a fetus inside of the womb. When a woman gives birth, her “water breaks,” and the fluid is released. Inside of that fluid are some stem cells, and so some companies have started collecting that fluid in order to obtain the stem cells and use them to treat pain.

But there are a few problems:

Amniotic fluid is basically fetus pee. Not surprisingly, fetus pee is not healthy to put in your body. To harvest the stem cells and prepare it as a treatment, it needs to be stored, sterilized, frozen, and reheated. By the time that process is over, multiple studies have confirmed that there are no living cells left. There are currently no reputable studies that show that postpartum amniotic fluid is a viable source for stem cells, let alone a treatment for chronic pain.

These are bogus claims. Not only is there no research that confirms any of these claims being made, but there are no living cells left in amniotic fluid after it has been treated.


Where Do Real Stem Cells Come From?

Real, effective stem cells come from your own body, in the form of bone marrow concentrate. These cells have been thoroughly researched, and are proven effective at helping regrow tissue and eliminate pain. In addition, “amniotic stem cells”, even if some were able to survive the transfer process, come from someone else’s body. Bone marrow stem cells come from your own body, making them more effective and safer.

Here at Ortho Stem Cell Atlanta, our doctors are board certified MDs that are actively involved in the research world with local universities. Rather than peddling dead amniotic stem cells, we use live, ethically sourced stem cells that come from your own marrow, giving you the most effective form of this valuable treatment.

If you’d like to learn how real stem cells work, or if you have any questions about bone marrow stem cells, or if you’d simply like to schedule an appointment, please call us today at 678-726-8713 or click the button below to make an appointment.

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