Why Are Athletes Choosing Surgery Alternatives?

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Why Are Athletes Choosing Surgery Alternatives?

Stem Cells for Triathletes

Athletes have incredible physical gifts that allow them to succeed in their desired sport. But they also push their bodies to their very limits. Whenever you play sports, you put yourself at risk for injury – from scratches and scrapes to broken bones.

Some of the most common injuries in athletes are in areas that don’t heal very easily – the knees, the wrists, the shoulders, the ankles and other areas with joints that are critical for movement. These injuries, including ACL tears, UCL tears, Achilles tendinitis and many more, can struggle to heal without proper treatment. In the past, the primary method of treating these conditions was surgery.

An Alternative to Surgery for Athletic Injury

Surgery remains an effective way to treat sports injuries. But it’s also imperfect. When a surgeon goes in and repairs damage to a joint, there are risks that include:

  • Long Recovery Time – The amount of time it takes to recover from an ACL or UCL injury is often a minimum of 15 months, sometimes longer.
  • No Functional Recovery – Surgeries are great for recovering joints, but not necessarily helping them return from those injuries. That’s why some consider these injuries to be career enders.
  • Future Arthritis – Those that undergo sports injury surgeries are also more likely to struggle with what is known as “post-traumatic arthritis,” which is an early onset arthritis in the damaged area.

For athletes at all stages in their chosen sports, this can be a serious problem. While it is best known for its effect on professional athletes, even those that play recreationally or are still improving their game (for example, college athletes) often find that they are at serious risk for re-injury, and their athletic ability can take years to return to normal.Stem Cells for Ankle Injury

It is these risks that have led people to seek out a unique and effective alternative – stem cell therapy. Stem cell treatment for sports injuries may be replacing surgery for many athletic injuries. Effective even for full tears, they are one of the only known treatment that can restore both form and
function to the joints, and do so 6 months to a year faster than surgery can.

While there are benefits to surgery with athletes that have not found success with stem cell therapies, more and more athletes in both professional and recreational sports are finding that stem cells may offer them a more successful, more efficient way of overcoming their athletic injuries.

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