An Alternative to Hip Replacement Surgery

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Arthritis in Atlanta

An Alternative to Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Arthritis Pain

Hip injuries and osteoarthritis can be very painful and traditionally require long-term pain management. Typically the only options presented to the patient is either hip resurfacing or hip replacement surgery. Hip surgeries often come with a long recovery process of months of pain and discomfort. Ortho Stem Cell Atlanta offers an alternative to hip replacement candidates that often comes with little to no downtime; getting you back on your feet faster.


Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Arthritis

Every day, some of the cells in your body die off and are replaced with fresh, new cells. These cells are created with stem cells – a type of cell that acts as a building block for newer, healthy cells. When a cell dies away, a stem cell splits into two cells – one becomes another stem cell, and the other becomes the cell that recently died. Thus, the cells that die off are replaced.

Although this cell replacement process is highly efficient, the stem cells are only designed to handle a small amount of repair and replacement. If a person experiences an extensive injury, long term injury, or significant cell related breakdown (which often occurs during aging), not even your body’s natural stem cell process can repair it.

Over the past decade, research into stem cell therapy has found that it is possible to grow additional stem cells in a lab, have them turn into the cells you need, and inject those cells into your body so that they fuse with your existing cells and make them stronger or help them repair.

This process is especially useful for issues like hip arthritis. Although there are many different causes of hip arthritis, most hip arthritis occurs over the course of many years, when the pressure placed on the hip joint from decades of use causes the joints to break down. Hip Pain

When the joints break down, they become inflamed and lose their natural buoyancy, which in turn leads to pain, stiffness, difficulty walking, and more.

How Can Stem Cells Reduce Hip Arthritis Symptoms?

Your body is not equipped to handle the amount of damage that hip joints receive. However, using your own stem cells, stem cell therapists can create additional hip joint cells in a lab.

  • First, stem cells are taken from the bone marrow at the back of the hip using a procedure that most patients describe as pain free, or with only mild discomfort.
  • Second, the stem cells are sent to a lab, where they are purified.
  • Third, the stem cells are then injected into your hip joints directly. There, they fuse with the joint cells already in place.

This process can add additional support to your joints, which will fight additional damage, reduce swelling, protect your hips during movement, and more. For those that have been struggling with hip arthritis or hip pain, stem cell therapy may be able to help. Call Ortho Stem Cell Atlanta today at (678) 841-7057 to find out if this new and exciting treatment is right for you.

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