What is a Stem Cell and How is it Used for Joint Pain Relief and Healing?

How Can Stem Cells Help Ease Joint Pain?

What is a Stem Cell and How is it Used for Joint Pain Relief and Healing? 1

What is a Stem Cell

Your body is a mix of all types of cells. There are skin cells, blood cells, tissue cells, fat cells – cells that make your nose and mouth, as well as cells that make your liver and heart.

These cells did not appear magically in the correct place. They were created from a single type of cell, known as a stem cell.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are essentially cells that act like code to your body’s programming. Stem cells divide, and as they divide they create other cells that your body needs depending on its purpose. When you were an embryo in your mother’s womb, you were a group of embryonic stem cells, which are capable of turning into every other cell in the body. Within each cell is a code that tells it what to do in order to create a person.

As an adult, you do not have embryonic stem cells anymore, but you do have adult stem cells. While adult stem cells are slightly more limited in what cells they can and cannot create, these stem cells are still capable of creating certain types of cells in the body. For example, bone marrow stem cells can create not only blood cells, but also heart cells as well.

How Can Stem Cells Help Ease Joint Pain?

After years of study, stem cells are now being used to repair the body after injury, replace damaged cells, and add Stem Cell Therapy for Jointsstrength to cells and tissues. They are frequently used on areas like the joints, since years of movements can cause a breakdown in joint strength, and specific joint injuries could require years of recovery.

When used for joint pain relief or healing joint damage, your own adult stem cells are taken to a lab, where they are manipulated to become the type of cell that your body needs – in this case, a joint cell. These cells are then injected into the joint, where these healthy cells then fuse with other cells and repair, strengthen, rebuild, or otherwise help improve the health of the tissue.

Stem cells therapies are growing in popularity, as they represent an alternative to surgery that is more successful than other non-surgical methods. For more information about joint stem cell treatments in the Atlanta, Georgia area, contact Ortho Stem Cell Atlanta, today.

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